Mikita's Transition to Raw

When we transitioned Mikita to a raw diet, I didn't have a guide walking me through and I didn't realize at first that commercially prepared raw diets existed. I did find some great websites though. This helped educate me on the importance of a fresh diet. It gave me a more discerning eye which helped me seek out brands and begin to understand industry terms. Once I began to educate myself it all started to make a little more sense. I went from thinking I needed a giant meat grinder in my kitchen to realizing that I could start with commercially prepared raw, balanced meals for cats, available in the freezer section of boutique pet food shops. This made me feel like feeding raw was possible.

Mikita's Adoption Story

I always thought about adopting a cat...one day. My childhood cat, Buster taught me how cool animals actually were. Not that I needed convincing. He was an awesome tuxedo cat who loved the outdoors more than anything else. Fast forward several years and Rich and I would have a cat of our own! This is the story of one cute little black cat who found his furever home! Hello everyone and welcome to the official Chicago Black Cat Blog! I'll be posting about various cat facts, stories, nutrition information and of course our cat Mikita. I’ve talked about Mikita’s adoption story a few times on @chicagoblackcat but there is always more to tell so for the first time, I’ll include all the details! QU

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