Chicago Black Cat Halloween

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday! I love making costumes and dressing up but this year I didn't. I thought about making something but I've been so busy running @chicagoblackcat that I decided to skip the costume. In an effort to get into the Halloween spirit, we went for a walk with our black cat, Mikita. Or should I say "stroll"? We push him in a stroller. He enjoys the fresh air but gets a little nervous outside so the stroller is his safe space. If you're wondering if we get weird looks from people while we're pushing Mikita in a pet stroller, wonder no more. We definitely do! And then there are some people who think it's cute and funny. They. Get. Us. Chicago neighborhoods are f

Train Your Cat To Sleep Through The Night

Cats have an adorable ability to do exactly as they please while simultaneously thriving on routine. They appear to be self sufficient yet they rub up against us and need our attention for pets, treats or second breakfast. They know how to work the system to get what they want. They’re like teenagers who want freedom but also want money for the movies. Cats are survivalists and wild at heart. So how can we tame the beast within to sleep when we do? Afterall, it shouldn’t be that hard. They sleep 16-20 hours a day. Certainly they can sleep when we sleep. But then why is this often not the case? You may be familiar. Your cat goes to sleep around the time you do and then at 3:00 am or 4:00 am

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