July 9, 2013

Physical Traits

Big, round eyes

Two white chest hairs

Big ears

Super shiny black fur

Boopable nose


100% purebread booper!

Or more likely a mix of breeds/domestic shorthair.

Named After

Stan Mikita, retired Blackhawks player and hockey hall of famer.


When we get home from work

Being held


Taking naps

Hanging out on shoulders

Cozy pillows

Raw meat



His basket of furriends


The scream machine!

When we close the bathroom door.

When we give him too many kisses.

Big energetic dogs

Kids (unless they're quiet and calm)




Is good at eye contact

Has many meow styles

Has many meep styles

Hair eater

Ear nibbler

Love biter




Keetsy Boops

Kita Man


King Kita

Mr. Man



Booper Man


8 lbs or 3.6 kg





fist bump


Dec. 28, 2014

Was 1.5 years old


What breed of cat is Mikita?

He's a shelter kitty! The best breed! So... we're not sure. Basically a domestic shorthair. Since a domestic shorthair has similarities wirth many breeds, he's unique, much like other shelter kitties out there.

How old is Mikita?

He was born in July 2013. We celebrate his birthday on July 9, since we don't know for sure.

Where did you get Mikita's window seat?

It's called the Sunny Seat from Amazon! But the cover was a little basic so I made a new velvet one along with a velvet pillow.

What is Mikita's favorite toy?

He definitely has some favorites! He loves his battery operated butterfly toy and all of those Yeowww catnip toys! He also loves his handmade felt catnip toys and his cat tunnel. He likes to hunt his toys using the Sheer Fun For Cats blanket.

Do Mikita and Dahlia really eat raw meat, organs and bones and stuff formulated for cats?

They sure do! Mikita and Dahlia don't eat any form of kibble or canned food.

Why do you feed Mikita and Dahlia a raw diet?

After a lot of research, we prefer to provide them with a cleaner, less processed food with fresh ingredients. The commercial pet food industry is just too mysterious. The prepared raw meals for cats that we buy are minimally processed and species appropriate. It's not as perfectly nourishing as catching a live mouse, but it's a much better fuel source than highly processed commercially available cat food. Our motto is, "Start from what they would eat in the wild and choose something close to that."

I'd like to know more about improving my cat's diet, what can you tell me?

Check out the "Nutrition" tab for lots of awesome information. The blog has some nutrition information as well.

Do Mikita and Dahlia scratch your furniture?

They do sometimes, yes. We've made it a point to provide more appropriate scratching surfaces and encourage them to use them. Our couch is velvet, a much tighter weave. They can't really get their claws into the fabric as easily so it's not interesting to them. We also keep their nails trimmed (usually) which helps a lot.

How do you get Mikita to stop scratching your furniture?

Fabric plays a major roll. So if you have an enticing loose weave set of dining chairs, it might be a battle. The goal is to make your furniture less desirable and make appropriate scratching posts exciting! They make sprays, tape and other furniture deterrents but after trying a couple things, I decided that I just needed more exciting, appropriate scratching areas. Cats start scratching around 8 weeks old so introducing scratching surfaces and encouraging on a regular basis is very important for success. We adopted Mikita at 1.5 years old so we didn't have this option. We have two scratchers for him that he loves! The Ultimate Scratching Post which is vertical and the Scratch Lounge which is horizontal. The idea is to provide him with a variety of options to make scratching in the appropriate places "fun". Sisal is a preferred material choice for cats so I'd avoid those scratchers covered in carpet. Regular carpet isn't typically as interesting to cats. We use toys and treats as he rolls around in the Scratch Lounge. We used to serve his dinner by his post to entice him to scratch. This instilled some great scratching habits! Simply placing a scratching post in a room with no proper introduction may result in a cat not being interested. Always use positive reinforcement, treats and toys! Make the scratching areas fun! Treats are always great for encouraging good behavior. Don't forget to get several scratching posts and put them near furniture they're not supposed to scratch. If they are rewarded for using the post, they'll use it!

Where did you get the name Mikita?

Mikita is named after #21 Stan Mikita, a former Chicago Blackhawks player and Hockey Hall of Famer.