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We're Andrea and Rich, a couple of cat lovers with two resident boopers, Mikita and Dahlia. In June 2019, we opened up our Chicago, Illinois apartment to foster cats in need. We're here to help save some cats and better their lives while preparing them for their forever homes. Rather than just saying, "We're fostering cats in our apartment," we decided to create a name. We love plants, especially non-toxic ferns, and we feed raw meat to our cats. Jungle + carnivores = Furassic Park!


Unlike conventional foster homes for cats, every Furassic Park booper we welcome into our apartment will be transitioned to a fresh, species appropriate raw meat diet. We take a holistic approach when caring for our resident cats, so, we do the same for our fosters. Here are some of the things we do in our home. Some of the links shown are affiliate links

Meals: We serve a variety of prepared raw food from Darwin's Pet Food. Rotating proteins (chicken, turkey, lamb) supports a strong immune system and allows beneficial bacteria in the gut to flourish! Good in gets good out! Interested in transitioning your cat to a healthier diet, see our Transition Guide. Looking for other food recommendations, here's Mikita and Dahlia's Favorites!

Snacks: Raw meat chunks from our local butcher shop and Hare-Today.This includes chicken gizzards, chicken hearts, beef slices, venison cubes, rabbit cubes and whatever new meats we decide to try!

Nature's toothbrush: On occasion (1-4 times a month), we give raw meaty bones for the cats to crunch through and consume. This includes raw chicken necks, chicken wing tips and quail parts. Feeding raw meaty bones requires supervision. Many cats aren't sure what to do with them at first, so it's important to do some of your own research first. Here's a great article explaining risks and benefits.

Supplements: We add supplements on a need to basis. It's important to know when and why you're giving supplements. Our favorite is Dr. Mercola Probiotics. I often use these for transitioning a cat to a raw diet, if a cat is on antibiotics or if they have diarrhea. Probiotics help replenish the good bacteria in the gut. Digestive Enzymes can also be helpful when transitioning. These help break down the food to get the most out of it!

Litter: Our Litter-Robot uses clumping clay litter. We NEVER buy litter with any perfumes or deodorizers.  The best way to keep litter box smells to a minimum is by cleaning regularly. Clay litter unfortunately does cause dust that gets into lungs. So, we provide a second or third litter box with a different litter. Variety is good!

Cleaning Products: We use a homemade vinegar + water mix in a sprayer bottle for most things. Occasionally when we need a deep clean, we will use a diluted bleach mixture. When we do buy cleaners, we mostly stick to the ones that are environmentally safe and less harsh for us and our fur babies. Cleaning products use lots of misleading marketing like, "Natural" or "Non-toxic". If you want to learn more or find the safest cleaners, visit http://www.ewg.org/guides/cleaners.

We're always learning about new ways to care for our fosters and resident cats with clean foods and limited chemicals. If you have any favorite holistic recommendations, let us know!


I wish we could keep them all! Our hearts are huge but our place is small. We love our fosters like they are our own. If you're interested in adopting one of our fosters and continuing their healthy lifestyle, email furassicparkfosters@gmail.com. If you aren't familiar with raw feeding, that's ok! We're more than happy to answer any questions.

Current Fosters

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Follow them in their home!

George & Walter

Adopted December 29, 2019

George and Walter were rescued at 4 months old, from a family who couldn't care for them. They were adopted together and now live in a loving home with their brother, Larry!

Follow him in his home!


Adopted June 22, 2019

Marmalade was our very first foster. He was a scared, shy 6 month old dude who needed some extra attention. He came out of his shell and is now loving life with his sister, Kitty!


DISCLAIMER: I am not a veterinarian or a certified pet nutritionist. My information is based off of experience and my own personal research. I am not liable for any choices you make for your pet. My experience is meant to serve as an anecdotal resource.  As always, consult your veterinarian, preferably integrative or holistic to treat and diagnose any issues your pet may be experiencing. I cannot diagnose or treat any ailments.