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  • Andrea Williams

Catifying Your Home with Aesthetic Cat Furniture

This blog post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through these links I may receive a commission. Thank you for your support.

Cats are awesome. They lounge, they play and they need places to be a cat. Cat tree options are abundant but finding something that lasts and looks good in our homes, that's the challenge! Our home is an evolving place for our cats. We're always on the lookout for new additions for our cats to enjoy.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes a good ugly cat tree is their favorite and in certain rooms and in certain situations, maybe we don't mind the big carpet cat tree. However, if you're looking for something cleaner, prettier or more aesthetic that works with home decor, I'm rounding up a bunch of options here!

One thing to keep in mind, better design usually means higher prices.

Thoughtfully designed pieces typically use higher quality materials. Often times the construction is better and real wood is involved. In my experience paying a little more is a great investment as our more expensive pieces stay looking nice for years.

Cloud Nine Hammock

First on the list is the Cloud Nine Window Hammock. Without taking up much space and for under $100 you can give your cat the most beautiful bird watching and nap perch. The optional floof blanket is perfect if your cat prefers a plush napping spot, or if you live somewhere it gets cold. The firm felt bed is not only aesthetically pleasing, its very welcoming to cats. Our cat, Dahlia instantly sat on it, even as it was being assembled. It's super easy to put together, by the way! Because we have multiple cats, a lot of windows and fosters, we have three window seats. They all get used regularly!

Key window seat points

  1. Sturdy suction cups that can withstand cats jumping up onto the hammock.

  2. Felt bed is very rigid. Thick and sturdy window seat. It feels secure under a cat's feet.

  3. The design is impeccable. No strings, no fuss. It's gorgeous and adds something pretty to the window.

  4. Easy assembly.

Contempo Cat Tree

Unfortunately Contempo Cat is no longer in business. With rising prices, they had to close their doors. Thankfully there is a similar Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree  on the market. I haven't seen it in person but have talked to a few cat parents who feel that it's worth it for the space saving design. We've had our Contempo Cat tree for many years and it is still something cat parents ask us about. If you want something close to ours in the photo, definitely consider the dupe!

Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree key points

  1. Takes up minimal space as it has a small footprint.

  2. Reviews are really good!

  3. Crafted from wood making it more durable than particle board cat trees.

  4. Adjustable height and shelves.

Ultimate Scratching Post

Hands down one of the best cat furniture purchases I've made is The Ultimate Scratching Post. I wouldn't consider this the most aesthetic cat scratcher on the market but the materials make it stand out. We've had ours for 5 years and it's still going strong! It's wrapped in a high quality sisal and comes in brown or gray. The base is sturdy enough to climb and perch on top. We customized ours by taking it apart and wrapping the base and top in contact paper.

Ultimate Scratching Post key points

  1. It's tall! Taller than most at 32" so a cat can actually stretch out and scratch.

  2. It's durable. 5 years of scratching and multiple cats. Ours is still in good shape.

  3. It's heavy. This is important because some cats are aggressive scratchers and climbers. Ours has never tipped over.


Not exactly cat furniture but the Litter-Robot 4 has a much improved design from the Litter-Robot 3. The LR4 fits into a home setting a little more subtly. I love the upgrades that not only make it more aesthetic, but it functions better too! Their holiday sale is really good, so, if you've been eyeing a Litter-Robot, check out their $75 off bundles here or $50 off a Litter-Robot 4 here.

Litter-Robot 4 key points

  1. Cycle is quiet compared to the LR3

  2. Waste bag removal couldn't be easier! The drawer is simple.

  3. Easy to clean! The inside is a little smoother than the LR3, plus the front opening is bigger making it easier to get in and wipe out.

  4. It tracks your cat's weights in the app! This is nice if you have multiple cats. Create profiles with a photo of each cat for closer monitoring.

Mau Pets Ivy 3 Cat Tree

It's gorgeous! Truly a pretty cat tree, this piece of furniture has so many features. The Mau Ivy 3 Cat Tree is one of many beautiful cat trees by Mau Pets. With replaceable baskets and washable cushions, it's easy to keep this tree looking pretty. The best part, our cats love it! They often eye each other down for the coveted middle basket. The baskets are spacious enough for a large cat but cozy enough to curl up in.

MauPets Ivy 3 Cat Tree key points

  1. The parts are replacable so if anything happens, you can always buy a new basket, cushion etc.

  2. The post doubles as a scratcher.

  3. 5% of proceeds are donted.

  4. 45 day risk free trial.

  5. Your cats will look beautiful in it!

Handmade Cat Scratcher

This cat scratcher from CATAYAhome is so unique and something many of us probably need! Although I don't have this cat scratcher, it's gorgeous, practical and the reviews are great! The designer and creator of these cat scratchers offers different patterns, sizes and colors. Truly beautiful and functional!

Wall Mounted Cat Steps

These simple sisal Wall Mounted Cat Steps from Catastrophic Creations are so versatile. They mount into one stud making them easy to put up. We don't have these exact ones as ours are are from Contempo Cat, but I think they're very useful. When it comes to space saving, wall steps are great! They're good for exercise too. Young cats especially need extra places to climb and these might be just what you're looking for!

Wall Cat Shelf

Perfect for a multi-cat home, WLO® Square Compact Cat Shelf looks like a cozy place for a bunch of pals to sleep. If you have a cat foster room where you're looking to add some enrichment, this wall cat tree might be just the ticket. It comes in four colors to match with decor. We haven't used this WLO® cat tree but in the right space, it looks like an amazing option!

There are a bunch of great options for cat furniture but it can be hard to sift through the thousands of listings. Hopefully you found these ideas helpful. Go give your cat(s) a hug and 100 kisses, and maybe a new place to climb. Cheers!



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