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  • Andrea Williams

Holiday Cat Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Happy Holidays! 2020 looks a bit different than past holiday seasons, so many of us are relying on sending gifts in the mail. Whether you know a cat lover, or want to spoil your fur children with some new toys and essentials, we've rounded up our absolute favorites!

Hot tip! Rotate through your cat's toys and put them away every few days. If you bring out new options they haven't seen in a few weeks, the toys are like new! Only leave catnip toys out for a short time. Cats become desensitized to catnip, so having a fresh toy is a great way to provide your cat with some mental stimulation!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase through these links. If you do, thank you! Appreciate your support!

Yeowww! Catnip Toys

Yeowww catnip toys are by far the most catnip packed toys I've found! Early on we had determined that Mikita wasn't really affected by catnip. We tried several catnip toys and even plain, dried catnip itself. He was only mildly into it. Then, we received a Christmas tree cat toy from a family member. We didn't have any expectations, but he LOVED it. We didn't know why. Eventually we realized it was a Yeowww toy and that the brand had a full line of catnip toys! We love the banana and rainbow. The shape is perfect! The crayons are great for multiples. Dahlia likes the balls, too, since she's a total ball girl! There really is nothing like watching a cat play with one of these. If you know, you know!

Cat Tunnels

For Mikita's first Christmas, I bought him a tunnel. I had no idea if he'd like it, but it looked fun to me. Of all the gifts we bought him, the tunnel was his favorite! Since then, we have added to our tunnel collection. As expected, Dahlia loves the tunnels too. They play, hide and even take naps in them. When they seem restless or bored, I'll take the tunnels out, toss them on the floor and the cats come running! As you can see, this tunnel has been loved. Dahlia ripped the dangly ball off of it. We have both the small and medium sizes from Amazon.

Sheer Fun for Cats

This toy just received an update and it's awesome! The sheer blanket now features a dangly ball toy and cats just love dangly things, so of course it's a hit. Mikita is obsessed with Sheer Fun. It gives him a lot of confidence because he can hide under it and act like a big cat going absolutely crazy on his toys. Dahlia likes the dangly ball cause she likes... balls. Sheer Fun is so versatile because it can hang from a chair, cover a toy on the floor, drape over the end of a tunnel and more. It's great on it's own and fun in conjunction with other toys! Find Sheer Fun here!

Chicago Black Cat Shop

A little something for the humans! We have two shops. Our first is our sticker and pin shop. All items are created and shipped by us. We have Mikita and Dahlia focused stickers as well as a black cat pin and some fun stickers for the cat lover in your life! Click here to shop. If you choose to purchase items from our shop for the holidays, we appreciate your support!

Our second shop is our t-shirt and mug store! We design every item and have them printed by a company who sends them right to your door. Our best sellers are the "COFFEEEEE!!" mug and "BLACK CAT LOVE" sweatshirt. We have some holiday additions as well! When you purchase from our shop, you're supporting our small side business and we truly appreciate every single sale!

Smarty Cat Hot Pursuit

For an interactive toy, Hot Pursuit is a total steal! We learned about this toy when we adopted Dahlia. She is a retired breeding cat and was playing with it (and completely ignoring us) when we first visited her. I meant to buy this toy early on after we adopted her, but completely forgot. A year after adopting Dahlia I bought it hoping she'd love it just as much. She did! She likes to sit near it until we turn it on for her. Recently, Mikita has been getting in on the action, too. Sometimes, I hide Yeowww catnip toys underneath to amp up the action! Find it on Amazon or Chewy.

Holiday Scratchers from Target

This holiday scratcher is the cutest stinking thing! Our cats take turns in it. They love that they can go in and scratch to their little hearts desire. I like to toss in treats and new toys which encourages them to use the scratcher. It's also adorable for a photo op and will surely get you in the mood for the holidays! I'ts kind of a decoration piece on it's own. Christmas theatre scratcher available at Target. They also have a holiday RV scratcher and it's super cute!

The Litter-Robot

This one is just as much for the humans as it is for the cats. It's a pricey litter box, but a total gift to the one who normally has to scoop it. The Litter-Robot cycles each time a cat uses it, so it's clean for the next cat! NO SCOOPING EVER! It also uses a smaller amount of litter than most boxes, which is really nice. Our cats took a couple weeks to get used to their new litter box, but it was so worth it! You can set it to snooze for 8 hours so it doesn't cycle as you sleep. The Litter-Robot 3 Connect has an app and will even tell you when the waste drawer is full. Use this link to get $25 off your Litter-Robot!

Top Entry Litter Box from IRIS

Because we foster, are constantly shifting cats around, and sometimes take our cats with us when we travel, we need to have additional litter boxes that are easy to move. This is the best standard litter box because it's SO EASY TO CLEAN. It's seamless and there are no weird bumps or grooves for junk to get stuck in. More litter is contained than shallow boxes, and it's awesome for high pee-ers. The look is modern, it's not overcomplicated or overpriced like some of the comparable options. We have the IRIS large in white and also black, from Chewy. The medium size is great for kittens. Also available on Amazon!

Bedsure Cat Bed

Cat beds are often not spacious enough, but this bed from Bedsure comes in two sizes! We have the medium. Although a smaller bed has it's place, a lot of cats want a roomier option, as well. Mikita uses this bed to make biscuits all the time. Dahlia loves taking evening naps in hers. If you have a biscuit maker, this bed is really squishy so get the bake shop ready! Available on Amazon!

Pet Zone Butterfly Cat Toy

We've used this butterfly toy for years and it's one of Mikita's favorites. I like that the butterfly is very "bug like" in it's movement. I think that's why cats like it so much. Beware, some cats tend to destroy the butterfly. So, be prepared to get the replacement piece to refresh the toy when needed. I've found this toy to be great for kittens, too. It helps refine their hunting and catching skills! Butterfly toy available on Amazon!

The Ultimate Cat Scratcher

This really is the ultimate scratcher. It's sturdy and very tall, which can be hard to find. We covered ours with grey contact paper to go with our decor. Since then, they have come out with a really nice grey scratching post version. Mikita climbs the post which is great for exercise! Place treats or toys on top and they'll reach to grab. This helps create a positive interaction with the scratching post. Very helpful when you're trying to get them to use the scratcher, rather than your furniture. If you want a scratching post that lasts, this one is it!

Freeze-Dried Treats

You can find freeze-dried treats almost anywhere these days, but if you're looking to step up your treat game, look no further than Pure Primal Treats. Their quality is top notch, and cats go crazy for them! Dogs too! They have harder to find proteins, great for adding variety to their diet. The rabbit is typically a crowd favorite and one I often buy. We're also big fans of the goat lung and salmon. These treats are basically farm-to-table. Can't get much better than that! Check out their full selection here!

The Sunny Seat

This window seat is a total steal! We've had ours for years! I did make a new cover and pillow for ours to make it a little cozier. If you can't do that, adding a blanket works great. Make sure to clean your window and wipe the suctions when hanging. It's definitely a favorite lounge location, for all seasons of napping and bird watching. Available at Amazon.

Contempocat Elevation II Cat Tree

If you want a cat tree that will last forever, this is it! The Contempocat Elevation II Cat Tree is handmade in the USA and well worth it! This cat tree works well with furniture and can even be DIY stained or painted to match the room you're putting it in. It extends floor to ceiling without screwing in. Pressure keeps it locked in place with fine adjustments for the right fit. The rest of Contempocat's furniture pieces have the same sturdy design!

We hope you have an amazing holiday season! Wishing you health and lots of snuggles from your pets!



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