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  • Andrea Williams

We Tried Pottery Barn's Linen Bedding

Updated: May 24, 2023

This blog post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through these links I may receive a commission.

When Pottery Barn offered to send our cats their best-selling Belgian Flax Linen Bedding I said, sure! Our cats have always wanted to try linen bedding. They're huge textile nerds. But truly, there is no other animal who knows their comforts like a cat.

I'm a fan of linen clothing but linen sheets? I'm intrigued, but also hesitant. Why are these so popular? Well, now I understand. We've been sleeping on them for a week. Here are our thoughts.

Of course the sheets, shams and duvet cover arrived looking ultra cozy tied up with a white cotton ribbon. The sheets are shown in Brick and the duvet cover in White.

After explaining to my husband what a pillow sham is (a decorative pillow covering to make the bed look put together), I washed and dried them. I'm really not trying to be snarky here. There's no need to know what a sham is. It covers the pillow and looks nice. End of story. But, in case anyone is interested, these particular pillow shams are the same linen fabric as the sheets and duvet. If you don't want to deal with decorative pillows but want the look, these are perfect. Not required but, we will be sleeping on them instead of tossing 100 decorative pillows onto the floor at night.

I could hardly get the bed put together when Mikita, our comfort seeking cat prince, started making biscuits and took the worlds longest nap. I'm not sure what's in these sheets but, like a moth to a flame Mikita clung to the new bedding and didn't let go for 6 hours.

From a human's perspective, I anticipated the first night in our new sheets. I'm not going to lie, the texture is different. Linen lacks the smoothness of sateen cotton or bamboo sheets. Pottery Barn talks about how they become softer as they wash so I'm curious to see how soft they'll eventually become. You can feel good about sleeping in these sheets because the Belgian Flax Linen line is Certified Fair Trade and free of hundreds of harmful chemicals.

I absolutely love these sheets! Even if they never get softer, I wouldn't mind. It's hard to explain but the linen has a nice weight to it. Somehow they simultaneously keep you warm, cool, cozy and dreamy. I can see why people enjoy sleeping in linen. I guess I never knew sheets could feel this different. There's a certain breathability to them that I can't quite explain. How does one feel so luxurious and rustic all at the same time? I don't know but Pottery Barn's Linen sheets somehow achieve this.

Cons are they're a bit on the expensive side and wrinkle easily. They have a natural lived-in vibe. Casual looks good on linen so depending on your taste, these might just be what you're looking for.

A little bonus - the Down Alternative bed pillows we're using from Pottery Barn are delightful. They're like supportive clouds. Since they're hypoallergenic I'm pretty sure they cancel out all the allergens if your cat sleeps on your head. Not true whatsoever. The down duvet insert has a nice weight but beware, the fluffiness attracts cats. If you want your cat on your bed (what pet parent doesn't?) this is the duvet insert for you.

Overall I'd say these sheets are for me. They're also for cats. Maybe they're for you? That's for you to decide. Now go give your cat a kiss and maybe some sheets!

Shown on the bed:


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